“I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can’t stop eating peanuts.” Orson Welles

You know those people who never watch tv?  Those friends of yours that say “I just don’t have time for television, I don’t know what you are talking about” when you bring up how amazing Jon Stewart was last night?  I am not those people.  I love television.  I watch all kinds of shows, and I’m thrilled that it is almost time for the fall schedule.  Not that there isn’t entertainment to be found in the summer – sure, there is Louie, which is brilliant, and usually a Top  Chef round, and this year there was the amazing Newsroom.  But the deep dark truth is that there was also… Craft Wars.

Yes, I watched Craft Wars and it was fantastic.  It is a reality show for people who do crafts (not me… I can literally not even color) and it is hosted by a 14ish month pregnant Tori Spelling, who calls the competitors “Crafters” (not a word) and tells them when they screw up, “go pack your glue gun, you’re through in this craft war”.  Seriously, it’s really something to behold.

But thank the lord it is finally September and there is good tv coming back and starting.  Some of my favorites include; New Girl, Happy Endings, The Good Wife, Parenthood, Glee, Parks and Recreation, How I Met Your Mother, Scandal, Dexter, and more, and  I DVR Jeopardy every night  because I like to watch it as I get ready in the morning to start to feel smart.  I never watch anything live, except sports, and I like to save up episodes so I can have mini-marathons on rainy Sunday afternoons in November.

Some of the new things I’m looking forward to this year are The Mindy Project (I love Mindy Kaling, she’s adorable), Elementary (read the name of my blog, I love that shit), and whatever ridiculousness JJ Abrams is pushing out next.  This year it’s Revolution, and I’m giving it a shot.  I will probably forever be trying to replicate the obsessive love I felt for Lost to no avail, but I will watch anything he writes, he’s wonderful.  I’ve JUST discovered Homeland, which is truly fantastic, and I’m on a mission to finish season one, which I’ve downloaded to my iPad, before season two starts later this month.  Later in the year the next seasons of Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones will start, and it’s these little silly things that keep me going sometimes.

Knowing that somewhere in my future Khaleesi gets her dragons back, and Mary and Matthew’s wedding will probably happen keep me focused on the idea of moving forward.  Sometimes it’s really just the idea that is all you need.


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