“To live is to war with trolls.” Henrik Ibsen

I’m having a feud with my neighbors.  It is exactly like the Hatfields and the McCoys, or the east coast/west coast rap thing, except it’s in Orange County (they moved my mail…I put a strongly worded post-it on their Lexus). It’s getting annoying.  They upped the ante this weekend when they asked the handyman to take the satellite dish off their chimney because they aren’t using it and it was MY chimney.  My god, I was without television for almost an hour people.  Just because this idiot can’t count – um, you are the 2nd condo in, so chances are really good that your chimney is the 2nd one down, our chimneys do not have twists and turns and inner lives of their own like the staircases at Hogwarts.  I can only logically assume that this was a deliberate act designed to keep me from watching Dr. Who but the joke is on them because that shit repeats all the time and I just caught it at 10.  Victory is mine for the moment.  Plotting my next move carefully.


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