“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.” Henry David Thoreau

The damn nightstand is finished.  I did it by myself, it took a week, and I would not pull too hard on that bottom drawer… but it’s done.

I am going to have an almost ridiculously indulgent day today.  My Sunday’s almost always start with CBS Sunday Morning aka, Old People News.  I love it – it’s the best show to wake up to, if you skip the 2 minute section in the beginning called ‘headlines’, you get right into the best, most interesting stories that are almost always sweet or uplifting without having to hear anything about the shitty world we live in like you have to on CNN.  I’ve watched for years, but one thing I have noticed lately is that they are getting more hip.  Or, more probably, I am getting much older.  They always have a ‘cover story’ where they highlight one person or band or organization.  Ten years ago those highlights were always something I knew about but didn’t affect me that much.  Lately, the stories are about No Doubt, or Green Day, or Ellen Degeneres.  Yikes, being in CBS’s target demo is not a great thought.

I’m heading to the gym, where I will try to read more of this book (The Forgotten Garden) that my friend Jen picked for our book club, which is next week.  I am struggling with it, somehow it hasn’t captured me, so I’ve been slow to finish it and my procrastination has taken on many, not helpful forms.  I’ve been watching Homeland every chance I get, but I’ve realized that I can’t watch it at the gym while I am on the elliptical machine anymore.  Yesterday I was watching a particularly gripping episode when I, allegedly, cried out very loudly (hint, just because you can’t hear anything outside your earphones, does not necessarily mean no one else can) and almost fell off the machine.  I looked up to see a couple of fairly annoyed people but whatever, they almost tracked down Tom in a mosque, okay?

After the gym, my friend Linda and I are taking our friend Christine to a spa.  She turned 40 last week and we are spoiling her, and obviously ourselves, in the process.  Christine is a great friend that did not get to be as successful as she is by being laid back about it.  That’s the nicest way I can think of to say she is a control freak (in a good way…) and Linda and I have kept our destination secret from her mostly to watch her go nuts about it.  Sample text:  “What time Sunday, and what should I wear? And how long will we be gone” you know, because she needs to tell her husband you guys, NOT because it’s driving her batshit crazy that we won’t tell her.

After that, cocktails and snacks and then home to watch the Emmys.  All while keeping my eyes on the football scores because the pools I’m in are hot and heavy (as much as it makes me gag a little to say it – Go Niners!  Greed makes whores of us all). So, I’m going to enjoy the day and try not to think about the other things I should be doing instead.


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