“Murdered by pirates is good” the grandson

Sadly, this post will have nothing to do with The Princess Bride.  Although, obviously… that’s coming.

I flipped on Good Morning America this morning and watched about 4 minutes of coverage about the election (Romney is somehow orange? Ryan is still doing that thumbs up thing?  Biden is still allowed to talk??) and realized that I was getting a stomach ache.  GMA is not a news source – they spend most of their time talking about Dancing With the Stars.  (Seriously, is anyone really asking for expert analysis of this stupid show?  No, they really are not.)   GMA is for stories about cute dogs and missing white teenage girls, I don’t need election coverage from this show. And seriously, George Stephanopoulos, what happened to you?

I cannot wait until this election is over.  It’s not just the horrible behavior of the candidates that makes me cringe, it’s mostly the media and how they cover it.  It just feels disgusting and irresponsible and I’m done.  The only coverage I will watch now until after the election is going to come from Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or Bill Maher.  At least I will get a laugh out of it.  The rest of it is crap, full of faux outrage, out of context ranting and outright lies.  My favorite stories lately are about “undecided” voters.  Really?  Let me just make a small suggestion – if you are undecided on September 25, do your nation a big favor and just stay home on November 6.  And the media really needs to stop putting these people on the air – I mean, other countries can see that and let’s face it, we’re fighting an uphill battle for respectability already since Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is now a thing.

Can we all just get on with it?  We have important things to deal with as a nation – like replacement refs and criticizing the iPhone 5.

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