“Winning may not be everything, but losing has little to recommend it.” Dianne Feinstein

This football season has been bananas.  It is only week 4 and I’m looking at a loser pool.  There are so many people out of my suicide pool that he set up a 2nd chance pool, which he NEVER does.  In my other pool, Bibi and I were texting and talking all day last Sunday about how horrible we were doing, and we came in 2nd place.  It’s been impossible to predict – and the whole replacement ref thing is another layer of insanity.  But even though it has cost me money and a tiny bit of pride, I kind of like a world where New England loses and St Louis wins occasionally.  I like a little unpredictability and a little drama, and really my contribution to the gambling is pretty minimal – I mean, there’s a very low chance of someone sending out Fat Tony to collect on my debt.  So, a little fun and a lively conversation topic is a good thing.  On the bright side, I am being let in secretly to a secret little secretive boys office pool that is a secret.  I’m scoring it as a W in my quest to assimilate to a new job.


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