“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” J.K. Rowling

Yay for the weekend!  It was a long week, I’m happy to have a couple of days to relax.  Last night I met my friend Christine for a drink and then we went to the movies with her husband Brian to see Argo.  It was amazing, I absolutely loved it.  And even though it’s a true story and I know how it ends… I was so wrapped up in it that I left the theatre with a stomach ache and spent the rest of the night on edge.  The entire last 45 minutes of this film were spent, for me, with my legs on the chair, my arms wrapped around them like a 3 year old, chewing my hair.  Seriously, it was intense, and wonderful.

Afterwards we walked over to the Fish House for dinner, it was almost 9:30 so it was not at all crowded, and when we walked in the blond Amazon who was hostess for the night looked right at us and said “2 of you?”  Uh, what?  So we said, actually if you concentrate hard and count with your fingers, you’ll see there are actually 3 of us.  We had dinner, and dissected the film, and a slightly shorter blond Amazon waitress came by and said “would you two like to look at a dessert menu?”  Now, really, what is going on here?  We felt like we were in some kind of Sixth Sense situation, but couldn’t figure out who was invisible/dead.  My money was on me.

This morning, instead of being AT the gym by 8, I am catching up on The Amazing Race.  I love this show, I’ve watched all 38 (approx) seasons and they are all exactly the same.  In the beginning, it is all boasting and confidence, and by episode three there is a girl quietly weeping at the camera because she can’t swallow 25 fish placentas and saying “this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life” in earshot of someone whose entire family was murdered by Stalin.  My favorite are the couples who fall apart, you can slowly see them realize that they actually know nothing about this person they’ve decided to run the race with / have been married to for 25 years.  There should be a drinking game that goes along with this show.  Take a shot every time someone says “DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?” or “GO FASTER CABBIE, THIS IS A RACE FOR A MILLION DOLLARS”.  Because, absolutely, what could inspire a man who makes 45 cents a day more than to know that if he hurries, you can finally start that cupcake business?  I love it!


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