“The world was my oyster but I used the wrong fork.” Oscar Wilde

Have we all lost our minds?

Is civility dead?

Yesterday at work I went into the bathroom and there was someone talking in the stall.  At first I assumed there were two co-workers in the bathroom chit chatting, but quickly realized that it was one person, and she was on the phone.  Now, let’s just start off by saying…ewwwwww.  I really hope no one ever calls me from the bathroom, (except I’m pretty sure BOTH of my sisters have, and I’m pretty sure I have called both of my sisters that way but that is obviously just an addendum to the sister contract) but for god’s sake please do that in your own home.  It was really awkward, I was in there about 40 seconds, but was worried about making too much noise and then was really irritated that I was worried about it.

People.  No.

The absolute best part was when I flushed I heard her give an irritated sigh and she said “hang on, I can’t hear you” as though I am the rude one and she is a normal person whose space is being invaded.  Bitch please!

Is crazy, no?

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