“I know you’re a girl but you seem like a guy sometimes” a guy I work with, 4 minutes ago

I don’t really run like this but I run…

Um, really?  I seem like a guy?

This comment was in reference to the fact that I beat all 24 of the guys in the football pool last week and they are irritated by it.  My response, as always, is “Suck It.”  Always a lady.

So, I upgraded my gym membership finally.  I have belonged to the same gym for almost fifteen years, and I have been going to the same three locations of that gym.  If I had to estimate, I would say that they have been cleaned about three times (I’m being generous) in the whole time I have had a membership.  When I go, I change before I get there, keep my keys and stuff with me, and get out the second I can.

Last weekend when I checked in the guy told me they are having a special on upgrading.  Hating to be sold anything, anywhere, I just said no thanks and jumped on a (almost broken) machine.  While I was working out I started thinking why not and went back to talk to them.  So, for another $15 a month, I am now the proud owner of a Super Sport membership, which allows me to go to the brand new super shiny sport gym that was built near my house.

I have been a few times and I have to say it is awesome.  There are two stories, all new equipment, televisions on most of the machines, an Olympic pool, a steam room and shower, super nice locker rooms where I’m not afraid to be barefoot, and towel service.  I’ve been on a mission to lose the weight I gained earlier in the year while I was busy sublimating my rage with red wine and Nutella.  Since July I’ve been very serious about it and have been going 4-6 times a week.  I haven’t lost much weight, but I can absolutely feel the definition in my body come back and the muscles in my legs get stronger.  I’m definitely feeling better and for the last few weeks I have finally started losing pounds, which is very motivating!  Yay me!


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