Forgive me this diversion…

It is all over for this biatch…hopefully

Open questions to the writers of Homeland after this week’s episode:

  1. Why did Jessica bring a sexy negligee to a CIA safe house? (get it, girl!)
  2. Who is paying Carrie’s mortgage?  She is spending all of her time “working” for the CIA but she was fired.  I mean, is she getting a consultant fee or something?  And how much would that be?  Because, good gig.  I really need to know.
  3. What the hell is up with Quinn?  What is his real mission?  How did he get so handsome? Who is he really working for?  (please, please let it be Salieri from Amadeus)
  4. Has there ever been a worse CIA director than David Estes?  He literally has no control over his own staff.
  5. Why does Saul talk softer the more stressed out he gets?  I feel like one more episode and they will need to put subtitles for him.
  6. Why was Quinn going to kill Brody at the end?  And why did he say “I’m your best friend in the world” – because he didn’t kill him?  Or because he was never going to and he’s actually running a side operation?
  7. Are Max and Virgil supposed to be Rosencrantz and Guildenstern or am I wildly overthinking this?


Oh. My. God.  I really can’t handle all the excitement, I need this show to never end please


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