“Don’t mistake activity with achievement.” John Wooden


There is mounting evidence that I’m possibly the least talented person in my writing class.

The writers program that I am in is very good – I’m consistently challenged and get great feedback from the professors.  However, it appears that I’m the only person in the program that is not a published author and from the tone of it… it’s pretty interesting that I even got accepted in the first place.  Now, that wasn’t an overt comment but I am nothing if not exceptionally skilled at parsing innocuous words for pernicious subtext.

Yes, there are published authors in my class, and yes, I spend the majority of my life posting rambling thoughts about the brilliance of Homeland, the genius of The Edge, and the abs of Daniel Craig.  But – leveling the charges that exactly no one has put to me – there was an entrance process and I’m getting an A- right now, so let’s all stop picking on me (so far, just me).  And if you don’t think that I emailed the professor last night asking if I could do something extra to get rid of that minus, then I guess you just don’t know me at all.

Yesterday I spent six hours finishing my final, then crying about what a hack I am, deleting it all, drinking 3 glasses of wine, and rewriting it.  Alarmingly, rereading it this morning has led me to believe that I write slightly better when I’m buzzed.  Because what I really need is more encouragement to drink.

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