“When we ask for advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice.” Saul Bellow Part II


In the past hour, I have had 5 people text me asking “was that post about me?” and one awesome friend text me with “I know that’s about me but f-off, if you just do what I tell you to do I will stop” and it made me realize two things.

1. A LOT of people give me advice. And opinions.
2. I actually don’t mind. If someone I care about wants to comment or suggest, I usually listen.

The previous post was about something specific – and that is a few people who have apparently decided that six months is enough time knowing me to find out every single detail of my life, and then giving me advice on it. Last week after a few glasses of wine the interrogation began and I’m getting great advice now like “you need to get over it – I promise you he is” and other charming bits – of which most have a weirdo undertone that absolutely promises help with the getting over it.

So, rest assured, actual friends and family of mine, I still expect you to give me unsolicited advice, if only for entertainment purposes.


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