“Anyone who calls you “little lady” has already excluded you from the set of people worth listening to.” Neil Gaiman


I don’t want to get all controversial on this blog or anything, but I’m just going to say it.  Alex Trebek is a sexist.  Yep, it’s out there.  He drives me insane.

I watch Jeopardy every day – actually, more accurately, I DVR Jeopardy every day and I consume it in 3-4 episode chunks.  It takes me about 10 minutes to watch because I can skip that horrible part in the middle of single Jeopardy where they try to make small talk with the weirdos and I never watch final Jeopardy because who cares.  God the interviews are the most painful 4 minutes on television (not counting Here Comes Honey Boo Boo).  If you are smart enough to be on Jeopardy one thing is assured – you have no funny stories.  You never see a four day champion tell a story that starts with “this one time I was so drunk” and ends with “so anyway, it’s expunged from my record, the donkey is back safe and no harm done.” 

But back to my point – Alex Trebek is a He Man Woman Hater who probably has a secret treehouse.  Watch carefully – if there are two men and a woman on the show and a man gets an answer right he will say “yep” or “correct” or whatever he has time for.  But if the woman gets an answer right he immediately gets this condescending tone and says “that’s riiiiiiight”, like it’s a miracle and he is so proud of her.  It’s gross and once you notice it you can’t stop noticing it, so I’m sorry about that.

When a man is a multi-day winner he introduces them as a conquering hero but when a woman is a returning champion he inevitably says something about how lucky she got.  One time I watched and the final jeopardy category was “Sports” and he said something horrible like “uh, oh, Jane might have some trouble with this one!”  OH BURN ALEX!  You’re so right, we have ovaries, there’s no way we also know what the infield fly rule is.

Seriously, F-Off Trebek. 

2 responses to ““Anyone who calls you “little lady” has already excluded you from the set of people worth listening to.” Neil Gaiman

  1. I like your comment about not having any funny stories if you are one the show. For some reason last week I was flipping channels and it came on and I watched it cus it was the dumb people round (1st round) and one the of the catagories was Vegas Hotels. Well hell you I know all of them and proceeded to get every answer correct and the entire pannel only go one right! After that it was biblical terms and I canged the channel knowing I would not be able to anwser one question. Oh well…got the Vegas ones right!

  2. I really can’t handle how he calls (almost) all of the women on the show ‘young lady’ – he excludes women who are over 50 (or don’t dye their hair), which is a problem in and of itself.

    He doesn’t call half of the men ‘young man’ and the other ‘sir,’ why does he need to discriminate with the women? And, more importantly, being called ‘young lady’ is so condescending, it’s sure to make at least some of the female contestants uncomfortable before they even have a chance at the board!

    Seriously, it’s the 21st century – Ms. has become the most polite term to use for women for a reason.

    Finally, I have to add that it isn’t only when after a woman becomes champion that he makes comments on them being lucky. I’ve seen it happen that a woman makes a large bet on a daily double and she gets the answer right (and if they don’t bet enough he makes way more of a fuss about it than he does with male contestants) and when a woman beats male contestants in the final round if she started with a lower score than one of them.


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