“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” Anais Nin


The Spain trip is booked! Woo Hoo! On top of that – good news that I’m going to England directly from there; bad news, I’m going to England for work so that means I’m dragging my computer and work clothes through Spain, but still, Spain and England! Woo Hoo!

I got my car back last night – the dealer had it for 3 days because it was driving funny (my clinical explanation) and they pretty much just handed me the keys and shrugged. They admit it’s off, but they can’t figure out why, so they said to come back when it gets worse, which obviously fills me with confidence, and I certainly hope I’m not going 70 on the 405 when it happens.

Update on my NY resolutions? Try new things – check. As in, when Christine said do you want to go to HB Brewery or Zimzala for dinner the other night… I said Zimzala… because I’ve never been there and that’s the kind of crazy ass stuff that you are all in store for in 2013. I know, settle down, it’s very exciting. Also – I have not bought ONE Groupon, so how about them apples? I didn’t even open the email today, even thought it said “Mexican Food” in the title and that’s usually how they get me. Unsubscribing would also be an option, but hey, it’s only January and I can’t be perfect all at once.

Reason number 286 why I have the best friends in the world – Susan and I decided over email to see a movie this afternoon and when deciding which theater, she wrote “do you want to go to the movie near Taco Rosa, Javier’s or Yard House?” The actual movie choosing, obviously an afterthought, but we’re seeing ‘This is 40.’ I saw The Hobbit last weekend and loved it, although 3 hours with 3D glasses on is like a waking nightmare for me. David Edelstein hated it, he called it “a punishment for liking Lord of the Rings” but David Edelstein can suck it. Have a good weekend!


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