“Don’t be so humble – you are not that great.” Golda Meir

ice cream

I spent a few days in a training class this week, and it was very good. I learned a lot, and actually had fun, it’s pretty rare that a training class can keep me so engaged, so that’s impressive. Part of the class focused on personal communication style. I’ve done enough of these type indicators to have no more illusions about who I actually am but for the uninitiated, it turns out that I’m a “Driver” (in other Obvious News – sky today? A nice shade of blue.) This becomes wholeheartedly clear when they break up us into our types, and you watch all the “Analyticals” do whatever it is they do (not make decisions, ask for more data, exhaust me) and then glance over to the “Supportive Relators” and “Expressive Socializers” and wonder how they even get dressed in the morning. It’s entirely possible I missed the point of the class. I hope it wasn’t diversity appreciation.

I had lunch with Lisa (former employee / current friend / professional cheerer-upper) today and feel about 100 times better than I did before I met her. She is the most positive person I know, without ever sounding like a life coach, who can also use sarcasm flawlessly. In addition, she wears New Balance shoes 365 days a year, which you really need to admire. It’s been a month or so since we’ve seen each other, and it was nice. She listened to 3 minutes of my pity party and then jumped in to tell me that it’s obvious I’ve lost weight and that my new coat makes me look like Mary Tyler Moore, and really, what else can you ask for from a friend? We spent the rest of the meal trying to figure out if ricotta ice cream would be delicious or disgusting. No consensus achieved, I will have to make some and give it a whirl.


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