“Just because you’re sober, don’t think you’re a good driver, Cookie.” John Irving


I think I can say with very little exaggeration that I’m the worst driver you know. I hate to drive, that’s the real problem. It bores me, so I have to do things like listen to podcasts so that I don’t space out, but then I get absorbed in them and space out. So perhaps boring podcasts are the answer? I used to travel all the time for work – all over the place, and I’m sure I complained about it plenty. It was a big hassle to fly so much, but the work was fun and fulfilling and it seemed to be worth it in the big picture. When I decided to leave my last company and find a new job, one of the things on my list was “little or no travel.”

I should probably have been more specific. In the new job, I don’t get on airplanes much, but I do spend almost every week going to San Diego, Los Angeles, or Ventura.
In the damn car.
In traffic.
Having road rage.
Seriously considering how much of a hassle it would be vs. how good it would feel to just ram into the back of someone’s car.

It’s not great. I long for the days when I could park my car at the airport lot and not see it again for 4 days.

Yesterday I had to be up in our corporate office (but it’s a holiday you say!!!??? Nope, not here, sucker) and I spent over 4 hours getting home. So, almost 6 hours in a car for a 2 hour meeting? Awesome use of time – and sanity, which is really tenuous in the best of times. It was out of control. I spent most of that time crafting my resignation and the other half screaming at Siri for not finding one detour through the hellish west side of LA that wasn’t worse than I the way I was already going. It was a nightmare.

Unrelated – there is such a thing as Ballpark Gum (look here http://www.foodista.com/blog/2013/01/20/ballpark-gum-is-a-medley-of-concession-stand-flavors#s.aeindjffibiaa) which is supposed to taste like Beer, Hot Dogs and Peanuts. This sounds like it might be equal parts disgusting and terrific. They also, for some reason, seem to have Foie Gras Bubblegum, which sounds like it might be 100% disgusting and 0% terrific. Where is Violet Beauregard when we need her?


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