“I’ve been accused of vulgarity. I say that’s bullshit.” – Mel Brooks


I have a whiteboard in my office where I keep track of the number of times I open an email or talk to a manager and then bust out with “What the F(*K?” I borrowed this tracking method from a former coworker and it’s an interesting tool to keep track of how things are going at work. Today I had three marks before 9 a.m. I don’t know anyone who works in the wonderful world of HR that does not say or think, daily, ‘are you fu&^ing kidding me?’ unless they are just not paying attention.

I sometimes wish I did not curse so much, but whatever. I’m not sure that it is an inheritable gene, but if it is then I totally have it honestly – I come from a long line of accomplished foul mouths. My sweet old grandmother once said to me after I told her I liked her new purse “Really? It’s too f*&king small.” All righty. Pretty much everyone in my family uses profanity, I barely notice it anymore, but I try to keep it reigned in to driving alone in a car or when my office door is shut. It is a stress reliever.

The other day I let a few choice words slip in front of someone who then looked at me like I asked for a plastic bag at Whole Foods. She told me that old thing about how profanity is only for people with small vocabularies (zing) and I apologized and walked away thinking she was right and I should clean up my act. Obviously I’m lying, I walked away thinking f&^k her.

One response to ““I’ve been accused of vulgarity. I say that’s bullshit.” – Mel Brooks

  1. Touché Andrea. I permed my hair this morning and I knew it was going well because I only swore a couple of times. Not the usual out of control number of times. I’m glad I do this in the privacy of my home because the words that come out of my mouth are frankly embarrassing and only something a member of our family would appreciate.


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