“I am the Cat who walks by himself, and all places are alike to me.” Rudyard Kipling

Scully is not feelilng this snappy today

Scully is not feelilng this snappy today

I spent the weekend cleaning up cat vomit, how is your adulthood going? My poor, badly behaved cat, Vin Scully, is sick and it is kind of awful to watch. He has been sick for almost a week, and I took him in to the vet today where she said something like “leave him here, we will run thousands of dollars of tests on him and call you tomorrow.” That’s not actually what she said, but that is what I heard. Side note – why didn’t I become a vet? Oh, probably because I kind of hate all animals that are not specifically my cat. That’s probably why.

So they did a ($200) X-ray and possibly he has something obstructing his stomach – which might need surgery – or possibly he is having kidney failure because it turns out that one of his kidneys is half as big as it should be. I asked her what we would do if he is having a kidney issue and she said “Well, we wouldn’t do a kidney transplant” like that was even an option. Really, lady? We won’t wait for another cat with his blood type to get hit by a car somewhere in the US, but not enough that his kidney is damaged and then transport the kidney in a cooler via helicopter to do emergency surgery? Because I was all in for that adventure.

So I’m sad, especially when they were examining him and he was looking at me like “what the fu&k?” and I could not do anything except agree to leave him there with my limitless credit card overnight. Poor pumpkin.


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