“I don’t want a boyfriend. I just want someone that wants to hang out all the the time, and thinks I’m the best person in the world, and wants to have sex with only me.” Lena Dunham



Yeah, why’s that so hard? Seems easy enough, although I can’t remember the last time I had more than one of these at a time.

I’m typing on my new computer. Yay! I finally broke down and bought a Mac – and it’s beautiful. I have always wanted one, but of course I am a very pragmatic person who does not spend loads of money on things I do not need – but I just couldn’t wait for my Dell to break as planned. I’m pretty sure that if I needed the Dell as a matter of life or death, it would crumble beneath the keyboard, but since I was just waiting for it to stop working, it will go on forever. So, I bought the Mac and – like everything else Apple makes that I own – I love it. So I don’t know how to copy… or cut… or paste… or right click… or, well anything except surf the internet and log in to WordPress apparently but so what? I will figure it out. Eventually. Probably. Odds are good.


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