“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” Winston Churchill


Does anyone else stress out about trying to talk their hairdresser into cutting their hair differently? No? Just me, then? Yeah. I love her, she is great, and when you think about it – you really do want your hairdresser to be a total perfectionist. But, wow. On the upside, she is great at cutting hair, and she is also reading the Game of Thrones books, so we talk nonstop about how great it will be when Joffrey finally bites it and Jamie Lannister… evil? Or no? Downside, she starts hyperventilating if I say anything other than “just trim it.”

Last weekend I had an appointment and I went in and said “please cut my hair like Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the season 2 trailer for Veep” and for some weirdo reason she had no idea what I was talking about. So I showed her and this launched a 20 minute conversation about understanding the consequences of my actions. Once she agreed to cut my hair, we then had to negotiate the length. My opening bid was seven inches, she countered with two and we eventually landed on five. A few days later I can tell that she totally duped me and she only cut four. Either way, I kind of love it and it feels totally different, although literally not one person I’ve seen since then has noticed.

This post is pointless (unlike my other posts, which obviously strive to change the world as we know it) but it is succeeding in two things: One, it’s getting my mind off the fact that I’m in a FIVE DAY meeting and slowly losing my mind. Two, I’m successfully avoiding thinking about the fact that I have a FIVE PAGE paper due by midnight and I haven’t started. Back to it.


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