“Love has no middle term; either it destroys, or it saves.” Victor Hugo


So I’m finally watching Les Miserables. Quick verdict, yep, still dead inside. Hey, my sister Erin and my aunt Mary – stop reading this, thanks. I love you both and agree with almost everything else you like.

Okay, so it’s maybe not as bad as I was dreading. In fact, I get why people liked it so much, and it’s well done, but let me try and sum up my issues:

– There is no part of me that doesn’t think Javert should just get a fucking life. I mean, maybe apply this dedication to something constructive, like I don’t know, knitting. Or farming. I don’t care what, just let this one go.
– I will give you this – Anne Hathaway is stunning. Truly moving.
– Whatshisname as Jean Valjean is good, I get it, but why didn’t they age him at all? Like… at all. Everyone else changes and grows and gets older but not him.
– Cosette is meant to be likeable, no? Because it’s probably not normal that I want to slap her and say “Pull it together, you don’t even know him.”
– Marius is good but all I can think about is him making out with Marilyn Monroe in that other movie he was better in.
– It really does say everything about what is wrong with me that the only person I truly like in this story is Eponine. Also she has the best song by far in On My Own (also my life motto) Bonus, kick ass death scene. You really nailed it, girl.

Do you want to subscribe to me? Because I have issues.

It’s interesting how much of the music I remember from the play and the original soundtrack. I think what I’m saying is that it’s probably a good thing I waited for a gloomy Sunday afternoon to watch this in my house where I can sing in peace (peace for other people, I mean.) So overall good but I think I’ll switch over to Game of Thrones now to remind myself what really happens when you love someone – and by this I mean you get stabbed at a wedding after being double crossed by your friends. Possibly I should have tried this without wine. Happy Sunday!

2 responses to ““Love has no middle term; either it destroys, or it saves.” Victor Hugo

  1. Dear Andrea,

    Regarding Les Miserables:

    Actually, I think we’re on the same page.

    Starting with Javert. You’re correct. Get a life. But there must always be an obstacle.

    We agree. Ann is Hathaway is stunning.

    Valjean did age. Don’t know what else to say here, but he did age. He always was and will look tested.

    I get that Cosette does not even know Marius. But he’s Marius. So there. He’s the man, he’s perfect. Who wouldn’t love Marius.

    And I love Eponine. Her voice and passion are unparalleled.

    So, I believe that we actually agree on this film and now you must love it.

    Aunt Mary

    Sent from my iPad

    • Okay okay I kind of did love it. It got very good at the end. Marius seemed like kind of a stud in the play, less of a boy, but I liked him too. In the eventual sequel to this story (in my head) Cosette turns into a powerful force for social change – and she can keep him around if you all insist – and everyone’s happy.


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