“One of the best protections against disappointment is to have a lot going on.” Alain de Botton

I want to go to there.  And somehow make it stressful.

I want to go to there. And somehow make it stressful.

Here’s another little safety tip from me to you. When I am obviously upset, even if it is about something that you are not really interested in / upset about, all I ask is that you don’t say “calm down” or “relax.” Because if I’m even mildly irritated, telling me to relax is all it will take to send me through the roof. Oh, thank you so much! I was upset about this but you have put everything in perspective with your sage advice, so I will calm right down. Phew! That is a relief.

Here is how I define how well my day is going – how many times do I pick the phone up to respond to an email because I don’t want whatever ranty insane thing I’m about to say to be in writing? Today’s tally? 4. Also, it’s early.

Calm down, right?

I am having a couple of those weeks where I feel like I am perpetually behind schedule. It is not a good feeling for me. I went to Virginia two weeks ago to see my incredible niece graduate high school, and then three of my friends flew in to spend the weekend at the beach. It was very fun, but not very relaxing (“Fun, No Relaxation, you lazy ass” – Andrea’s vacations, copyright pending) and then I was not home three days before my mom and sister came to town and they just left last night. Again; very fun, but not so much relaxing. Not that I want to be bored, ever, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to just not make plans for a day – will I physically implode? Possibly not but I won’t be finding out anytime soon. Either way, I have plans every day and night for the next week. No rest for the whatever.

My younger cousins and nieces are rubbing off on me (and not in a good way.) Somehow after two weeks of almost nonstop family, Snapchat has appeared on my phone, and I am using it. Also, I now have some semi age inappropriate new clothing. Not sure what’s going on there but yolo. I am using that stupid term ironically, in case you are worried that I have gone totally off the edge. I’m still clinging to the edge with white knuckles.

Update on the 7/1 date deadline? Nada prospects, one week to go.


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