“An earthquake is such fun when it is over.” George Orwell


If you haven’t heard – or don’t care, like literally all of my family apparently from the lack of concern or calls – the earth is moving a lot more than normal here in California. We’ve had three pretty good sized earthquakes in the past two weeks. There really is nothing like an earthquake to remind you that you have control over exactly nothing in this universe. Think you have it together? Oh, okay, well I’m literally going to move the earth under your life with no notice for an unspecified period of time and may or may not destroy everything you own and/or trap you under that Chagall print over your bed. How’s that feel? Well, it feels terrifying.

It reminds you that at one time you had an earthquake kit in your car and your house (for all of 1993 after the Northridge quake) but now you don’t. You used to keep a pair of shoes under your bed so that you had something to wear to walk over all that broken glass, but not so much anymore. You used to have two flashlights and lots of batteries in your house and now you hopefully have that flashlight app on your iPhone and 28% power left on a regular basis.

And hopefully it reminds all those people who saw that it was eighty degrees during the Rose Bowl that it’s not all milk and honey out here, so probably you should just stay in the Midwest and stop clogging up the 405.


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