“The last generations’ worst fears become the next one’s B-grade entertainment.” Barbara Kingsolver

Everyone is handling this weird time in different ways and who is to say what is the best way to cope?  To all of you lovely people who have decided to deal through constant exercise and activity… bless.  Great job, Sportspeople, maybe stop telling me about it?  One of my friends turned me on to this 30 days of yoga program that is on YouTube called ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ and I’m trying that.  However, I am not doing it every day, because Adrienne is not the boss of me, so it’s going to be more like ‘90 Days of 30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne’ in this house.  It does help a little. 

Also, there are a lot of people who like to point out that we could be using this time to Create Great Things, and you should take note of who those people are so that you can cut them out of your life, because nobody needs that kind of negativity and pressure from their friends.  You know what I created?  Cinnamon cake.  And it was delicious.

Then there are the people who would like to encourage you to learn Russian, or learn how to install copper pipes, or become the world’s foremost expert on… Julius and Ethel Rosenberg or whatever.  And again, to those people, cool – I mean, do you not have Netflix?  Do your thing.  To the rest of us…?  It’s Thursday and I solidly feel like I’m going to make it through this week, and my temperature, which I check twice a day, is still below 98 and actually that is a pretty good week for me lately.

So while I do enjoy the occasional documentary, I would like to submit an alternative for your Quarantine Consideration… Love Island UK.  To be clear, I hate dating reality shows.  I don’t watch any of them, they make me angry and confused and a little grossed out.  But this one is something special.  And by special, I mean, completely off the rails.  It is so incredibly stupid that it really cheers a gal up.  We are on Season 2 (I think there are 6 seasons on Hulu) and we are learning so much.  For instance, do you know what it means to be ‘mugged off’ or ‘pied off’ and what the difference is?  Well, you will.  Do you ever blurt out, in casual conversation “AS PERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” for no reason?  You will do that too.  It’s absurd, and I’m in love with it.  Trust me, turning your brain all the way off on occasion can be very relaxing.

2 responses to ““The last generations’ worst fears become the next one’s B-grade entertainment.” Barbara Kingsolver

  1. Thanks for this… now I have to watch LOVE ISLAND UK…. yes, thanks!

  2. Love the 90 days of 30 days. I hate my bragging friends who have cured cancer and climbed Annapurna during their free time. Digitally of course.

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