“Air, I should explain, becomes wind when it is agitated.” Lucretius


There are many great things about living in Southern California, not the least of which is 12 month a year access to avocados. There are a few things that aren’t great about living here as well, and one of the worst is Santa Ana winds. They are disgusting and I hate them. Today, as an example, they are blowing us around and it is 97 degrees, with about 1% humidity and we are probably about an hour away from some idiot lighting a wildfire that will take out a whole town. My sinuses hate these winds, my eyes have been watering since I woke up and I have a headache. Also, they make me super grumpy, because they can affect people’s moods which is a Fact based on Science that I just made up like 3 minutes ago. But I’m standing by it. They are going to last all week, which just blows. See what I did there?

What I want to do is get in a plane and go back to Seattle, where it is lovely and NOT 97 degrees with 1% humidity. We had a really great weekend. Jeff and Kate are perfect ambassadors for the city and we did lots of fun things, but I think the big highlight for all of us is that I got to sit on the Iron Throne at the Game of Thrones exhibit at the EMP museum. Highlight might be pushing it, really I am just thankful they did not leave me there. Julie, our cruise director, managed to keep us going at a ‘forced march’ pace but we still did not see or do everything on his list. I definitely need to go back. Right now sounds good.

One response to ““Air, I should explain, becomes wind when it is agitated.” Lucretius

  1. This made Kate smile and laugh. Seriously, come back anytime. We laughed so hard sharing stories. I could do that every weekend. You scored off the “Nerd Scale” with that shit-eating grin while on The Iron Throne. Silly cute. Miss you. Olives!


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