“She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.” Louisa May Alcott

I am always reading something.  I am usually reading 3-4 things at once.  I have an emergency book in my car, you know, in case I get stuck in traffic and my kindle is in the backseat.  I have a book in the cd player of my car most of the time, and I am always reading something non-fiction and some kind of novel.  I would love to tell you I only read very intelligent things that broaden my knowledge, but that’s a big fat lie, because I will read pretty much anything I can get my hands on, and that definitely includes crap.  Yesterday I raided my 14 year old cousin’s bookshelf , because culture.

Here are some of my recent favorites.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple.  This book is pretty hard to describe, and I’ve never read anything like it, but it was absolutely hilarious.  It’s basically about a very eccentric woman who goes missing and her daughter tries to find her by piecing together a lot of information she would probably not want to know.

One Last Thing Before I Go by Jonathan Tropper.  If you haven’t read anything by him, then what is wrong with you? This is his new one, and it’s wonderful.  I laughed and cried (it’s better than Cats), and reread about half of it just to experience the amazing way he phrases things.

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.  Yes, I love all things Gaiman, but this was an exceptionally great book.  I love the sweet way he writes about spooky things, and this book is haunting.


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