“And that’s the thing about people who mean everything they say. They think everyone else does too.” Khaled Hosseini

Apropos of nothing…Skyfall comes out today

I’m allergic to everything.  Seriously, I should live in a bubble like John Travolta that one time.  Dogs, dust, most tree bark, about a million different foods, and lots of perfume.  I am not a huge perfume person, but when I find one I like that won’t make me break out in hives I usually wear it forever.  I’ve worn the same two for about 10 years (Prada for day, Dolce and Gabbana for night, if you must know ) but I’m very jealous of people who can just buy lots of different scents and give them a whirl.

When I was flying to Charlotte I was reading Self magazine (side note – why do I have a subscription to Self magazine?  It is exactly the same thing every month – how to lose 5 pounds, what to do with kale, here’s a few more facts you don’t know about Hillary Clinton and the ABSOLUTE BEST shampoo, which changes every month) and there was a big spread on new perfume.  I saw a new scent from Demeter called Clean Skin and was instantly intrigued.  How great does that sound?  Who doesn’t want to smell like clean skin?  Genius!

I told Stacey about it, she said something like “you already smell like clean skin, I think it’s called soap you gullible jackass” but I was determined to buy it. I made her drive to like four different stores but we couldn’t find it and finally she had had it with me and just told me to order on Amazon.  It came yesterday – drum roll – it stinks AND I’m allergic to it.  Hmmph.


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